Out of this World!!!!

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Marie Lu is THE QUEEN when it comes to fantasy books. Skyhunter surpassed my expectations and expanded my imagination. Talin, being the mute striker fighting for the country "Mara" who just treats her unfair, is one to admire. The relationship between Talin and her mother was personally relatable. With the struggle of a new language and the social discrimination, I just imagined myself on Talin's shoes. I loved all the characters, Adena being my favorite because of how sassy she is. This book will get all your emotions activated including: happiness, sadness, anger, hopefulness, and definetly love.

I recommend this book to someone who loves a fast paced book. The book was straight to the point and definetly did not confuse with long transitions. I hope this book will be made into a series because of how it ended. Furthermore, make sure to check out Marie Lu's novels if you like a good fiction book.