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I wanted to like this book. I really did. However, it just wasn't that great for me. First of all, Skyhunter is basically a war story. Sure, it's a YA war story set in a dystopian world but a war story nonetheless. War stories are my least favorite stories amid the myriad of stories that exist out there. Secondly, I found myself not caring so much about Talin or Red who are basically the two main characters. Adena and Jeran were pretty cool. I really liked Adena and the fact that she was a weapon-making badass. I would have much rather read a whole book about her rather than Talin who was flat and boring. She didn't seem to have much personality. This book ends with a huge cliffhanger ending, and I hate when books end like that. I noticed a number of two-star reviews didn't finish the book, but I did. I read the whole book and just didn't like it all that much.