Marie Lu's best so far

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I have read around five of Marie Lu's books, but I have to say that this one was probably my favorite. A mostly conquered continent, a nation barely holding tyranny at bay, monsters, monster hunters - all the makings of an exciting read.
One thing that stood out first was the quick worldbuilding. It was simple, but effective and interesting. The first person point of view was done well, making the main character, Talin, someone likable and easy to root for. Unable to speak after an attack on her nation leaves her throat scarred, she signs to communicate, which is something that I have not read in YA before I don't think. The action scenes are well done, there is a heist type feel to some of it, and an epic final battle that will leave you needing the sequel asap (but alas we have to wait a few months still). Romance is not involved, although it hints at it a few times. Overall a solid read for YA dystopian/fantasy lovers.