Marie Lu does it again!

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Skyhunter is an amazing novel. I was immediately taken aback by the scope of the world-building and how EPIC the world felt. I was completely immersed in this book from the very beginning. I felt like I was dropped into this world on the very first page. It gave me such a clear mental image of the battle for the this world the characters were facing and the consequences if they lost. That is one thing about Marie Lu's writing style that I really adore.

The Game of Thrones series is the only other series I know that clearly depicts what it is like to be a poor refugee fleeing the war. Skyhunter did that so well, with Talin and her mother's journey. I also liked how even the supposed bad guys were given reasons as to why they acted this way. Marie Lu paints in shades of grey, no clear black or white moralities.