Marie Lu delivers another winner

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It is no surprise that Marie Lu continues to be one of the biggest names in YA fiction. Her ability to craft strong worlds with equally appealing characters is evident in all of her work, Skyhunter being no exception.

Talin, a Striker for Mara, is another one of Lu's characters who are easy to root for. She's silent (literally -- she only communicates by signing), soulful, and strong. Viewing the story through her perspective, the reader is treated to a novel that has all the elements of popular YA dystopian fiction turned up a notch. The clash between classes and power structures is especially evident and relevant to current affairs.

Lu's writing is compelling, as always, and the plot is action-packed, drawing the reader into the high-stakes world from the first page. Recommended for fans of YA sci-fi/dystopia, and particularly those who enjoyed Neal Shusterman's Scythe series.

The book itself features a stunning cover with a neat treatment along the fore edge that displays the title. The design both complements and elevates the book as a package.