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LOVED this fantasy novel!

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Talin is a Striker, a protector for the last kingdom that’s free from the Federation’s rule. She is a refugee who lost her ability to speak when her homeland was targeted by the Federation’s army and her family was forced to flee to Mara. She is trained to kill Ghosts, deadly creatures that have been weaponized by the Federation to destroy Mara. Talin’s comrades risk their lives everyday and no one is safe on the battlefield. When a strange soldier is captured from the enemy, Talin knows that there is something more to him and saves him from being tortured to death. Who is this strange soldier? Why is Talin so drawn to him?

Girl power to Talin!! YA! I love a strong badass female protagonist. She was so resilient and inspirational. The world that Lu creates is very intricate and I loved the intrigue of her references to the “old world” (our world) in the landscape and story. I am not a huge fan of fantasy/sci-fi but this one wasn't didn’t overwhelm me with elements of it’s fictional world. It was a great mix of action and character development - the relationship between Talin and the Skyhunter has me sooo interested in the next installment. I need the next book yesterday. I found this novel to be reminiscent of The Hunger Games with the dystopia and I loved it!