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I don’t read a ton of fantasy/sci-fi, so I was not as familiar with Marie Lu as many others, but the instant I saw this cover I was compelled to read it. I mean, I know the cardinal rule and all, but fuck if this isn’t the most gorgeous cover of a book I have ever seen. And when I took it off to read? The interior is just as beautiful. I appreciate a writer that also cares about the aesthetics.

I liked this book a LOT. It’s clearly written as a book #1 (confirmed to be more, btw, YAY!) and Lu has taken her time in this one to build some serious chemistry between her main characters, Talin and Red. Their completely secret method of communication (which I won’t explain here... you’ll just need to read it 😉) felt so sexy and intimate, I couldn’t get enough. Their connection is one of the most tender, exciting, and believable that I have seen between teenage characters in a very long time. This is not a romance however, it is packed with action and storyline, and some fun connections to our world that get better and better throughout, but the character development was my favorite part. Great characters, side characters, story, and world - I am very much looking forward to book #2.

Rating: 4 / 5