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The way Marie Lu writes draws me in every time. This was the second book of hers I read. (I'm currently on my 3rd). Something about how she writes her worlds and her characters makes me want to read every book she has written. (I'll get there eventually). Dystopian/Sci-Fi novels are some of my favorites and this was just incredible. I became invested in the plot from the get go. Sometimes I struggle with getting into a book because of my inability to visualize in my head due to my aphantasia, but this one had my attention all the way through. I highly recommend it. Talin, Red, Adena, Jeran and the other characters are so well written, i adore them all. The stakes to the plot feel real and nervewracking, it really has you rooting for this group of Strikers (and skyhunter) the whole time. The ending just leaves you waiting for the next book! So good.