Lacked World Building

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Turn around if you're looking for something unique and different. Human experiments are possible, but they aren't new. You're okay as long as you don't care. This planet may be the future Earth, but a major disaster occurred, and all that is left of our world is ruins. They don't have electricity, trains, or other modern conveniences. They built their cities on top of the ruins.
We won't understand enough about how their world worked, what they were doing to better their technology, how far they'd come, how long they'd been there... there were so many questions. We didn't know how the Maran society operates on the inside, nor did we know their hierarchy; it was just hinted at. I wouldn't call it a slow-moving novel. We've had challenges head-on since the beginning. However, as I neared the middle of the book 40, I began to feel restless. So in summary, it was a good book and the idea behind it was good, I just wished the world-building was more in-depth.