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This book covered so many of my favorite tropes, so I obviously absolutely adored it. Found family, magic a (tad bit of) romance, missions, and strong characters. I loved how the protagonist was strong and independent! You go into this book not expecting much. You don't know what is the plot or expect what will happen which kept me trying to figure everything out. My expectations weren't high nor low so I was not disappointed!The beginning of those book was not hard to get into and kept me on the edge of my seat wanting more! It truly pulls you in! The world building wasn't hard to understand at all which kept it easy to understand which is basically a make or break of a book. AND THE PLOT TWISTS WOW! I love a good plot twists so it made me love the book even more. This book is so good and also fits the dystopian world/genre. I WANT MORE! I NEED THE SEQUAL NOW!!!