I liked this one a lot

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Recommended for... sci-fi and fantasy lovers, LGBT friendly, diverse reading, and the main character uses sign language! ⁠⠀
Now, this is the first book of a new series - I did not realize this at the start and was feeling very confused towards the end because it felt like things were winding down while simultaneously revving up 🤦🏻‍♀️ Makes sense now, it was a set up for book 2!⁠⠀
The main character, Talin, is a refugee to the town of Mara, after fleeing her home from the destruction of the Federation. ⁠⠀
She trains to be an elite badass warrior called a Striker for Mara - even though her skin tone and background still have her treated with less respect, and land her mother living in the slums. ⁠⠀
Talin and her mother also use sign language after war injuries took away their speech. ⁠⠀
This was my first Marie Lu book, and I am excited to read her backlist, and look forward to the rest of this series.⁠⠀