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I have tried several times to read Marie Lu novels: Legend, Young Elites, and Kingdom of Back. The premises always sound interesting but I hadn't been in the right mindset to enjoy them so I put them down with the plan to return. But I bought all of them because I knew once I got into her books I would love them. This book convinced me that Marie Lu's books are definitely for me. This book was just so fast-paced and entertaining, the kind of book that kept me invested in the characters and the story. The characters are three dimensional and make you root for them. I was in a reading slump for the past few months but this book helped me out of that slump. I hadn't read a sci-fi in awhile, either, but this book was easy to read in comparison to other science fiction books. I am going to give Marie Lu's other works another shot because I need more of her worlds in my life!