Fighting for What's Left

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When Talin was 8 years old, she lost her home, her father, and her voice.

When their home country of Basea was conquered by the Karensa Federation, Talin fled with her mother to Mara—the only remaining free country.

Now an elite Striker for Mara, Talin spends her days patrolling the border to defend against Federation soldiers and Ghosts. Ghosts travel in packs. Strikers work in pairs. A Striker’s partner is her Shield and she is his. As the only refugee ever allowed to join the Strikers, Talin is continuously trying to prove her worth and her right to serve Mara alongside her Shield.

Meanwhile, the Federation’s military is pushing further and further into Mara’s borders.

I like the use of languages in this book. Talin and the other Strikers communicate in signs, and each country or former country has its own language. Those who can speak multiple languages are incredibly important because they enable communication between different groups.