Fast-paced adventure

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This is a fantastic addition to Marie Lu's writings, and probably my favorite since her debut, Legend. Following a brief introductory chapter, it jumps straight into the action, and once the prisoner mentioned in the book's description arrives, things really take off. I loved how it examined what makes a home - is it where you were born, or where you currently live? What if you don't feel like you belong where you are? I also liked how it considered the cost of advancement - security versus freedom, beneficial technologies versus destructive ones, individual identities versus collective unity. I'm very excited for the next book, as it promises to delve deeply into the cost of loyalty and family. Not just for the main character, but for the engaging cast of supporter characters, most notably the other Strikers. I'm glad I read this close to the release of the sequel so it's all fresh in my mind, because I will be picking up Steelstriker as soon as possible!