Even better than anticipated

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After waiting for months to get my hands on this book, I finally read it. As a massive fan of Marie Lu, it did not disappoint, keeping me hooked all the way through, and considering I'm going through readers block right now, that's pretty impressive! The characters are amazing and well thought out; the plot is captivating and not too predictable; the cover is a fantastic work of art, everything about this book is absolutely brilliant.
What I love especially about this book is that it lived up to all my expectations of a highly captivating read, pulling you into the world as if you're there with Red and Talin. It's not too repetitive and doesn't follow the over-used storyline of the classic young adult book, which I absolutely love.
Marie Lu does a brilliant job at making it easy for the reader to visualise everything happening with the characters, making it a highly enjoyable read.