Another Great Story from Marie Lu

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Skyhunter is a fun and different type of YA Dystopian. It was effortlessly fresh, making it a joy to read. The plot description hooked me right away, and kept my interest until the end. The writing style was quite descriptive, yet kept the story moving at a good pace and establishing the story world and character backstory well. I am very excited for the rest of this series and am very curious where it might go as there were a few mentions of possible space travel throughout the story.
I did however, had one question that bugged me the entire time after, did Talin remove her Ghost bone piercings when she and her friends fled from the Speaker's orders, to hopefully take down the Federation? I assumed so, in order to shed most of her Striker appearance, but if it was stated, I missed it.
Another thing I appreciated a lot was the lack of a traditional happy ending, even while setting up the story for sequels. It added some authentic depth to the story world, and made me want to root for the characters all that more.
Very much looking forward to the next book!