An imaginative fantasy

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This book will keep your pulse racing as you flip through the pages to know what happens next. The twists at the end will keep you guessing on what is coming and what will happen next. The characters are easy to cheer for and they have incredible growth as they deal with grief, trust, and what it means to fight for what you believe in.

This isn't the most extensive world-building I've ever read in a book but it covers enough for you to get lost int he world and the myth of who these people are. I was left wondering what happened to the early ones but was always quickly caught back up in the story.

I loved the way they portray Tamlin and the fact that she is mute doesn't hinder her at all. It just makes her stronger and gives you a good impression on the other characters based on how they treat her and her inability to speak. It shows how much emotion can be portrayed in something other than words.