amazing read!!

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i think this is one of my favorite Marie Lu books that i've read so far!!! although the book can be a bit slow at first, it is totally worth it to keep on reading, because once everything is set up and the pieces are put into place, the story begins unraveling beautifully on its own! earlier on (about 30% or 40% into the book), i had considered putting this book aside and moving onto another one, but i ultimately decided to keep reading, and it was SO worth it! the worldbuilding and character development were so well done, and Talin was a wonderful narrator. so many of the characters are endlessly fascinating (especially the Premier - hopefully we get a novella or more extensive backstory)! this book does a great job covering a lot of themes involving the costs and implications of war & conflict. i am SO excited to read the sequel to Skyhunter, and i hope it comes out soon!