Amazing Book!

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Upon reading the excerpt from the book, I was hooked based on the first page alone. Upon reading the full book, I'm so glad I read this book. What a brilliant tale that Marie weaves. The world building in this book was given to us via the voice of the silent Talin, and her close pack of Striker friends. I couldn't imagine being Talin, a refugee working for a nation that calls her Rat, yet never breaking her vow no matter how they try to break her down. In world where sign language should become more common place, it was great to also have a character that spoke primarily with her hands. But now story aside I have to talk about the cover and the amazing artistry of this book. As a printer, this is an absolutely gorgeous book presentation. From the dust jacket, to the cover beneath it, and finally the printing on the fore-edge. If I could give an award for book presentation alone, this book would win hands down for the year.