A solid entry into the YA dystopian genre

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Skyhunter takes place in a distant future, featuring one small country left as a free standing sovereignty, barely holding on against invading forces. The forces have incredibly scary creatures they use to soften the defending forces before moving in to conquer - these creatures bring up memories of The Hunger Games, mutated things that are also very zombie-like in how they can change other humans. Talin fights for her adopted country of Mara, though the Mara people hate her people. After a stunning opening sequence, Talin is forced to pair with a prisoner of war, some kind of new weapon the enemy have created.

Marie Lu has always been at the top of the YA dystopian genre for me, coming up with well thought out worlds and solid plots; Skyhunter is no exception. The only real issue I could say I have is that it almost feels like this is a dystopian story that has been done before, maybe times over. But Marie Lu's strength is in how she can write these dystopian tropes and STILL suck me in and make me care for these characters and the storylines as though I'm reading a YA dystopia for the first time.

Very well written, very well paced, and stunningly executed. I'm looking forward to Steelstriker this fall.