A fast-paced YA dystopian novel

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I was quickly absorbed by the world of Skyhunter and didn't want to put this book down. Marie Lu writes incredible characters, and Talin in Skyhunter might just be my new favorite! A skilled fighter with a big heart, Talin is also a refugee. Her mother lives in a shantytown outside the city walls and they face a lot of racism. Despite this, Talin fearlessly fights for Mara, the last free nation, against the Federation. I loved Talin's friendships with Corian, Rooke, and Jeran, as well as her relationship with her mother, and they brought so many moments of warmth and joy to the story.

Key to the plot is Red, who escapes from the Federation and may hold the key to saving Mara. Red and Talin gradually form a close bond. Aside from revealing important details about the Federation's tactics, he also helps Talin see a different side to those living in the Federation. Lu's writing flows beautifully as she explores layered characters and builds a fascinating dystopian world. After that ending, I can't wait for the sequel to find out what Talin and the Federation will do next!

Thank you to Fierce Reads for the advance review copy.