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Wow, Marie Lu delves into Sci-Fi and doesn't waste any time. Chapter 1 is already filled with action and drama. The main character is a soldier paired off with a lifelong partner. A skirmish against the monsters has an unfortunate ending, specifically, the untimely demise of the main character's partner. Chapter 2 moves onto the ramifications and quickly leads to the issues of social classes, and the oppression of the main character's class (notwithstanding that they are all soldiers fighting against the same enemy). Quickly move onto Chapter 3 (and the last Chapter in this sampler). The discriminatory demeanor of others (and how the main character attempts to raise above that - although having proven herself to be among the best) is going to be a recurring theme The book also focuses on the unique approach of communication via sign language. The character's speak through hand signals and the reader receives the benefit of the spoken translation while reading the store.