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I’m not sure this is a book that would normally appeal to me, but from the excerpt, I can tell that I’d definitely enjoy it. I’m more of a fantasy person than sci-fi, but this book seems to have a bit of both. I’ve found myself enjoying more and more books that break genre barriers (eg. Gideon the Ninth). The one thing that I wish there was more of in this book is prose. I like it when the author spends time describing the scenery and how the people are interacting with it. I think it can be overdone (eg. The Bone Witch), but even when overdone I find myself enjoying it. This writing style reminds me of Neal Shusterman (eg. Scythe). I liked the Scythe trilogy, but but as much as some other novels that had more prose. I feel like if I read this book, I’d enjoy the plot and characters but be wanting more prose. I’m predicting this would be a 4 star read for me, but who knows?