Your heart will be pounding erratically

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The action!
The detail!
The writing!
Marie Lu never fails to impress me with the story she weaves. Skyhunter honestly had my heart pounding so hard that I swear it could have flown away.
This book had amazing writing as well as characters which developed magnificently throughout the whole story.
The action had me biting my nails - something I probably shouldn't do - and it had my nerves on EDGE.
The plot had my pulse well...pulsing as it should. This book will have you enchanted from the very beginning! It's just that good with amazing writing that draws you into the world that Lu has created. This was just a magnificent read that really seemed to pull me out of a slump!
You have got to read this book if you love dystopian / fantasy books and some little romance I guess?
ALSO. DID YOU GUYS SEE THE COVER?!? Isn't it absolutely gorgeous as well?