Young Adult but Make it so I can't Stop Reading

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This doesn’t necessarily bring something new to the metaphorical Young Adult table but it does what it does well. I haven’t read a YA book in a while and there are certain things (i.e., everything being convenient, teenagers being incredibly powerful + the only hope for humanity) I’m not a huge fan of or haven’t missed. While Skyhunter may have these, it does it so well and in such an enjoyable fashion that you kind of don’t even notice. I was so engaged from start to finish I didn’t have time to be skeptical.

I especially enjoyed the characterizations and the not forced down our throats kind of romance. Relationships are subtle and have you really rooting for them. I especially loved the unique connection/bond between our two main characters and thought it was exceptionally well executed.

The concept of the book is interesting, the dystopian universe is also fun and different from anything else I’ve seen in the genre. This is both fantasy and science fiction in one and I vastly enjoyed it. I nearly finished it in one sitting it’s just THAT good.