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I am definitely a really big Marie Lu fan, so when I first found out about this new series, I was really excited. I have to say, Skyhunter did not disappoint. Marie's writing style is wonderful and easily readable. The characters are wonderful - it's easy to get engaged with them and care about them (and I love a good group dynamic, which this book has), and as well the worldbuilding is fantastic. There's a lot going on, but once you're able to figure it out, it's really cool and interesting. I do have to really be in the mood for reading more apocalyptic fiction, but I think there are so many little details that make this book interesting that it was easy to stick with it.

I wouldn't call this book perfect (and Legend series will probably still be my all time favorite by this author) but it is a really solid series starter and a strong read over all. Definitely recommend for YA sci-fi lovers.