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I really wanted to like this book. I wanted it to be so much more than what it was. However, I just didn't like it. Talon fell flat. Her relationship with Red felt one dimensional. Corian's death was not really a big deal because their relationship felt really forced. I have nothing against Marie Lu, but if this is indicative of her writing style, I won't be reading anything else from her. Maybe this was aimed at a younger crowd, but well written young adult can span so many age ranges. This book just is not that. I'm unashamed to admit that I didn't even finish this book. I got 80% of the way through and then I realized I was not enjoying it at all, and what's the point after that? Lu could benefit from a long seminar on the "show, don't tell" aspect of fiction writing, and I don't know how this got published. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.