I loved it!

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Skyhunter is a Sci-Fi fantasy novel that takes place in a war ravaged land. The Karensa Federation has taken over the majority of the land, using their mutant weapon, called Ghosts. Talin, a refugee in Mara, the only free land left, becomes part of the Strikers, who are specially trained to fight the Ghosts. Talin, her small group of friends, and a mysterious man, are all that stand between Mara and freedom.

I absolutely adored this book. After reading it, I could not wait to read the second one. I loved the found family aspect of the book. Talin is seen as a rodent to most of the people of Mara and some of the other Strikers. However, she and her small group of friends would do anything for each other. I also loved how Red was introduced and eventually became apart of that family. The characters were great and the writing was wonderful.

I also enjoyed reading a book that used sign language as a mode of communication.