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While this book started out slow, in my opinion (not action-wise, just because I had a hard time getting into the characters), by the end I was flipping pages so quickly. The fight to the death for friends was incredible. I also loved the representation of Talin being deaf and her fight for recognition as a Striker who was first an Outcast. I also loved the parallel of her journey with Red’s. Her saving him when he was supposed to die then sticking by him even though everyone told her not too. Marie Lu’s prose was enchanting and utterly gripping. I absolutely will be reading book two as soon as I can get my heart to slow a bit from the end of this book!
Can I also just say that the Ghosts are the coolest things? And utterly terrifying!? They give me slight demagorgan vibes from Stranger Things but almost creepier since they were humans who have morphed into something awful.