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Talin doesn't fit in anywhere. She is a refugee from a fallen nation. She is an outcast among her Striker family. She is unable to speak from damage to her voice. And yet, it is to this girl that the fate of Mara is entrusted when they pair her with a hostage from the Karensa federation. What no one knows is this pairing will give them a wealth of knowledge about their enemy they never would have imagined.

Lu has done it again with her fantastic storytelling. I normally steer pretty far clear of fantasy, but past experiences with Lu's writing led me to want to give this book a shot and I am so glad I did. Her representation of underrepresented people and cultures is so well done and subtle enough that it isn't in your face the whole time you are reading. I appreciate her making those things a part of the story but not the WHOLE story. I did struggle with the depiction of Talin and her inability to speak. I know she signed the whole time, but I guess I found myself forgetting that because she talked a pretty fair amount. I don't think the disability translated that well, but it did make a bit impact when she could communicate with her Shield so that was cool. I am very excited to see what happens with Talin in the second book.