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i've loved all of marie lu's previous books, so i was so happy to be able to get my hands on a copy of skyhunter! the cover is so gorgeous and the synopsis immediately caught my eye.

the book starts off with talin kanami and her striker partner, her shield, corian, fighting ghosts that were created by the Federation in the the warfront. unfortunately, he dies, which puts talin in a difficult position as she was always racially discriminated, even among the strikers, as she is Basean.

as a war prisoner was brought in, talin is the only one that stops everyone calling for his death and he gets made her partner. his name is red, short for redlen, and is the Federation's first Skyhunter. together, they figure out a way to stop the Federation from creating more Ghosts, but their mission fails and they go to war.

overall, skyhunter is a solid ya fantasy novel, with good plot and action. however, it is slightly predictable and there seems to be no real struggles for the characters. the relationships between talin and her friends are super cute and i really enjoyed reading about their friend group. i enjoyed reading it although a lot of parts didn't feel very fleshed out. i would recommend for anyone looking for an easy ya novel to dive into.