Daring and immediately immersive

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In signature style, Marie Lu drops the reader straight into action and intrigue in an entirely new world. It is the future, or a bleak future in some other world, where the few remaining nations resist assimilation into the Empire - a consuming force which marches soldiers like machines and overwhelms resistance with their host of Ghosts, humans turned to violent madness and bloodlust as a horrific products of science. Young Talin and her fellow Strikers are all that stand between the free nation of Mara and the Empire's Ghosts. But no matter how brave or skilled, they are only humans against monsters. They train for war and pray for miracles. An though tragedy strikes, there are also answered prayers.

This is the first book I've read with a non-speaking narrator, and Talin's voice is done very well. It's clear what she's saying, when she or others are speaking verbally or through signs, and how Talin carries this part of herself as simple fact, a difference instead of a weakness, and a lingering scar.