Another gem by Marie Lu!

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There's just something about Marie Lu's writing—I love the characters she writes, her imaginative ideas, the way her books are dramatic without being over the top. Skyhunter really pulled at my heartstrings and Talin has become one of my favorite Marie Lu characters. She's smart, kind, and fierce. I loved the relationship between her and her mother, as well as her friendships with Red, Rooke, and Jeran.

What especially stands out about Skyhunter are the themes, the way that it's not just about action, twists, a fast-paced story, but also about grief and discrimination.

I did have so many questions when it comes to the worldbuilding, and understanding more about Mara and the Federation. I am also so curious to learn more about Constantine, who was such an intriguing character. There's so much I'm looking forward to in the second book!