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Talin Kanami fled to Mara with her mother years ago. Now, she is one of Mara’s strongest Strikers in the fight against the Karensa Federation. But after a mission gone wrong, in which she was forced to kill her partner, Talin’s position is in jeopardy and her reputation is ruined. She further jeopardizes her position when she takes a chance on an ex-Federation soldier, now-Mara prisoner, but she’s certain he’s the key to winning this war.

Although this isn’t my favorite Marie Lu book, it is still a Marie Lu book, so of course I loved it. Marie Lu has a perfect writing style for sci-fi, and this book further solidifies that opinion. Talin was an amazing main character, and I love the representation of a mute and signing person. I’m excited to learn even more about her in the next book. The worldbuilding was easy to follow along with, not too much nor too little information given at once.