Action Packed first moments!

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I love the cover! This is a book I would buy just based on cover alone. The story building in the first couple of chapters has dragged me in. I love a good young adult fantasy/dystopian novel. I have read one other series from Marie Lu and honestly I can't wait to get my hands on this duology. The story begins by introducing our main character Talin. She is a fierce fighter not accepted because of her background. Talin and her parnter Corian are trained to fight monsters called Ghost. I love when stories have a diverse casting. Talin can't speak but that proves useful in her new position. As the chapters proceed, a new and mysterious character is introduced. He is a deserter from the enemy lines. I can't wait to see how his life interwines with Talin. As a good observer, Talin knows something is not right with this prisoner. She sees something that nobody else sees.