Absolutely yes

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I won't lie after reading Legend I was super iffy on reading this. Because it was just a solid miss for me, but this?!? I absolutely gobbled it up.

There isn't really any romance at all, but there is like a little waft. I did roll my eyes at the instant "love" but at the same time I get it.

I loved that the main character can't talk and is in a position that it is an asset to her in her profession where all her allies know sign language.

What profession you might ask? Kicking ass, but really. killing Ghosts. They are genetically altered humans that are big white killing machines, and like snakes just get larger and larger the longer they live, and can hear the slightest sound. *Cough silent place*.

I imagine them as a mix between a hollowgast and a wendigo (the until dawn version but let's be honest any version of a wendigo unnerves me)

Then we have Red. A quiet boy with metal wings.
Who gives me major Darrow O'Lykos vibes. He was just a boy trying to do his best at protecting his family and that wasn't enough for the empire so they took him and changed him into something greater. The Skyhunter.