Absolutely brilliant

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This is a haunting and beautiful look into a dangerous and depressing world. It defies normal genre tropes, by crossing from fantasy, to horror, to romance, to dystopia. It's such a mix of different genres that it would be loved by so many different readers. I'd recommend this for fans of dystopian fiction, thrillers, horror, fantasy, romance, young adult fiction, adult readers, and anyone who likes a little action with their fantasy. Please don't let the fact that this is marketed as a yound adult book scare you away from reading it. If I were to classify it myself, I would definitely say it does not read like something for young adults. The themes are very adult. My only problem with this series is the fact that it isn't longer. It's only comprised of two books, and I wanted the story to keep going for much longer. That isn't a bad thing. This book will drag you into its world and hold you there for long after you put it down.