Was it magic?

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My mistake. I didn't read the description closely enough to see that this book is part fantasy. Whereas I enjoy some fantasies, this one left me a little confused. Also, since I'm not a big Hollywood follower, perhaps I missed some digs or pokes at former stars.
Luli Wei, the main character, wants to be a Hollywood Star so badly that she works diligently to achieve her goal. Nevertheless, she stands up for herself and what she believes in. Along the way she gains and loses both friends and family. But she'll do just about anything to leave Hungarian Hill. The story seems dark and brooding.
I did enjoy some of the descriptions throughout the story. For example, "That day he gave me lemon candy that tasted like sharp sunshine, and I held it in my cheek until it melted to memory."
A lot of readers are going to enjoy this story because of the different issues it presents.