Siren Queen is a book that missed the mark.

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As a whole the book is weak and hazy from start to end. The transitions weren't clear enough, there are many moments when I had to step back and reread certain passages because I didn't notice the character went somewhere or the day has changed. In many works of fantasy the fae realm is a disorienting space that doesn't have a clear sense of time and place, kinda like a limitless place that is beautiful but hides cruel and ugly things. If Vo did this intentionally to immerse readers into the world by making the transitions disorienting then Vo is a genius. But when discussing the author's intent it is something that only leads to assumptions and inaccuracies. So, I will just view it subjectively as a me problem thing.

The one factor that made me finish the book is the sapphic romance. The relationships depicted in Siren Queen is so luscious and drunk on love. It is an injection of longing, yearning, and pain of rejection. Nghi Vo writes really good love scenes between really hot characters with lyrical writing that drowns you in sweet nothings and kisses.

Siren Queen is a book with an amazing concept, beautiful lyrical writing, representation, relevant themes, but an okay execution. I am sad that I was happier finishing the book than actually reading it. The fae court aspects is too abstract and isn't delivered clear enough throughout the book. I would be cautious when picking up this book because it is a mix bag, you can either like it a lot or not, even for a fan of Nghi Vo. But if you like vibes with amazing writing and intense sapphic love, this book is for you.