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My mutuals from the book community know that I intentionally read, review, and promote books written by authors of color but every now and then, you come across a book that does not fit your taste even if you badly wants to like the said book.

This is the case with me reading Siren Queen. I have high expectations because the synopsis is intriguing and I am here for badass Asian MCs who are willing to challenge the norm and do whatever it takes to achieve their dream.

However, I didn't expect that the writing style will be that technical. It sounds too technical for me and personally, I enjoy books that were written as if they are narrating the events to the reader. Please note that this is my first time reading a Nghi Vho.

Overall, I won't delve too much because me not liking this book is a matter of preference and I believe that there are definitely readers out there who will enjoy this book.