Loved the beginning but then it fizzled out

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After loving The Chosen and The Beautiful, I immediately wanted to read Siren Queen. Alas, my expectations got the better of me.

I feel like I was really pulled into the beginning of this story. I loved the reality surrounding 1930s Hollywood in regards to racism, sexism, and queerphobia.

The author does do a really fantastic job with the MC Luli Wei as we watch her navigate 1930s Hollywood as a queer, Chinese American woman. We see her fight tooth and nail to carve out a space where “her kind” doesn’t belong. And once she gets to that place, she will do whatever it takes to not be overshadowed again.

The second half of the book sort of lost me though. I think I was just really confused by the beast manifestation that I felt thrown out of the story.

Overall, I was left sort of meh by the end.

Thank you to tordotcom and Macmillan audio for providing a review copy. This did not influence my review. All opinions are my own.