love the old hollywood glam and the demons

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From the premise alone, I love the idea of making deals for fame and sacrifice. And Siren Queen is a world that is distinctly not ours - because hello magic - but it feels a shade away. This insular community of decadence and decay, of homophobia and fierce ambition, feels just a track away from our world. It uses this idea of trading everything we have to be in movies, for our dreams, and magnifies it. To say I'm a fan of this world building is an understatement. There's a rawness and elegance to it.How it's all a series of trades and transactions, sacrifices for success. And Luli is a character I couldn't help but love. Not only as an Asian woman did I obviously resonate with Luli, but I loved how driven she is. How she has her ambition and isn't willing to burn some bridges and to make some compromises - but not all. And in this world of deals with demons concealed by smoke, will she be able to find a shred of authenticity? Of friendship and love?