Intoxicating tale of the golden age

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The cover of Nghi Vo's lastest novel is simplistically gorgeous, but also sleek and alluring (a perfect cover!). Siren Queen is a genuinely intoxicating fairy tale about the golden age of Hollywood. The glitz and glam of old Hollywood gets an enchanting upgrade with a strong dash of magical realism (which happens to be my favorite genre).

After Luli watches a silent picture for the first time as a child, she is hooked and will do anything to become the next star. The world building really drew me in. Their world is similar to ours, but everything comes at a steep cost there. Luli is a character I instantly loved. She is constantly faced with racism and prejudices, but her ambition and drive are powerful forces that never waiver. You want to see her reach her dreams, yet you are constantly thinking "is that really worth it?" I would love to see the author write more stories set in this mysterious world.