Fascinating read!

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I absolutely zipped through this short book, despite finding the first half a bit on the slow side. I thought it was incredibly well written and I’m glad I didn’t DNF when I was tempted. The second half was my favorite- I finally connected to the characters.

There are so many layers and things going on here- it’s a bit mind boggling. So much to think about. I will have to let it simmer in my mind a bit more because it’s a lot to absorb.

I think perhaps this story overall was just beyond me. There was a lot I didn’t “get” about the fantasy/magic of it and personally I did not think the plot itself was improved by this fantasy aspect of it. But that’s just me. I loved the characters and wanted more. The descriptions and imagery were positively stunning. I would definitely read more from this author as I can see how immensely talented they are and they have a unique style of rich storytelling.