Fantastic Hollywood Story

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How far would you go for fame and fortune? For Luli, she would stop at nothing to become a Hollywood star. You're thrown into a world where you make deals with monsters. Luli gets her chance as she's made her own deals because she's methodical and intelligent. I found it interesting that when introduced to the main character, you never get her real name. Who really is Luli?

There are inhuman, paranormal, and mythological beings who have acting careers and are essentially owned by Wolfe Studios. Their life really isn't their own. Some are there willingly and some are not. They do what they can to survive until there's nothing else left for them.

I love the friendship between Luli and her roommate Greta. They are there for each other no matter what and never leaves the other hanging. We all need a Greta or Luli in our lives imo!

There's racism, prejudice, and assumptions towards Luli because she is of Asian descent. This is something I can relate to with the MC, that despite being American born, people see and treat you differently because you don't look like them.

I really enjoyed reading this historical fantasy. Thank you BookishFirst and Tor for the ARC. My opinions are my own.