Dark Fae Magic in the Movies!

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What if the Hollywood stars made bargains and sold pieces of themselves to the studios that hired them, literally, for a chance at stardom? Well, that is what this story is about. The ones who run the studios are more like otherworldly fae, with a little bit of demon, so I guess they are of the Unseelie court. I mean, there is even a Wild Hunt that goes around. The bargains are fairly gruesome at times but that was pretty interesting in that people are willing to sacrifice that part of themselves, (e.g. dancing, loss of feet, beauty: part of their face, etc) or fade from memory and the movies.

I liked that part of the story the best, though I also enjoyed when Luli got her big first part in the movies, not as a weak woman, but as a monster, a siren and how she worked hard to reach stardom. This book was chock full of magic but it wasn't all that mystical, more everyday like, not much to be remarked on unless you made a big bargain with the studios or something. That was cool and I liked this book.