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The story is about old Hollywood, magic, immortality, evil, and the lengths people will go to to be in the movies. No money but you want something? You can give an inch of your hair for it….but you lose months of your life if so. Everyone in Hollywood wants you but you want to be free? You somehow turn into a grove of trees. You have to bargain with old and ancient magic, make sacrifices to make it in the business. The biggest risk? Turning into a monster.

The story sounds amazing but it was confusing for me. I couldn’t get into it and was confused often. It went from one character being 11, to 17, to talking about a doll fooling her father and his passing when she was 28. Then it went back to when she was 17. I thought all of this was the main character but the main character turns into her sister instead after some crazy scene with Oberlin Wolfe. A tad creepy, with a pinch of evil beware. The writing was amazing and it flowed perfectly. I just struggled with getting into it and being able to visualize it all.