Asian Villain Apologism

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Me reading about Luli's lovelife before she got with Jane: White women white women all these damn white women-

Siren Queen is a story that manages to feel like an epic spanning decades rather than one which spans three to four years in its main part. In its sleepily grotesque, soft-magic Hollywood, issues all the way from racism to sexism to exploitation that accutely mirror our real world are the real horrors, and they are dealt with in a way that felt natural and not forced. The fact that Luli cannot be a hero, as many Asians are unable to be today regardless of what they do, is not skirted around — rather, it is used to create a remarkably complex character who is content with being evil to white people. I love it. I love her one true love in the book, her best friend Greta, with whom she had a relationship so powerful that despite its limited screentime, it bleeds into the entirety of the novel long after Greta is gone. I love the complexity of Luli's relationship with her mother and sister. I love the ambiguous dissapearance of Harry Long.

My only complaint with the story would be that the first 1/3 of the book was a bit slow, but I never minded that what with the gorgeous prose. Also, the cover is everything and literally sold the story for me. Can the woman on it marry me please?