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The writing style was easy to read. It didn’t overwhelm you or underwhelm you. At times it was almost poetic. In terms of the plot, there really isn’t much of one. It’s more of her rise to fame and the difficulties that came along with it which offers its own obstacles especially considering the time which this story takes place and the ethnic background of the MC.

The main character, Luli Wei, could be childish and arrogant at times but does make up for it with her determination and willingness to compromise when necessary. She goes through drastic character development without ever really doing a lot out of character. Though she changes a lot from beginning to end, she still keeps some of her principle traits that keeps her recognizable without getting in the way of her growth.

Lastly, I wanted to talk about the LGBTQ representation in this book. It does well considering it’s not the main focus. The queerness of the characters don’t take up their entire personalities. Though the primary function of certain relationships might be to show the part of them, each character still has at least a couple traits you can point out.