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I always find it hard to write reviews of books outside my comfort zone. I don't want to be too harsh that my review is unfair so I stuck with giving this one 2.5/3 starts. I am not usually a fantasy reader. I avoid that genre 90% of the time but will pick it up if a specific plot piques my interest. Siren Queen and its exploration of Old Hollywood did just that.

My biggest issue was the complete lack of explanation for the fantastical/magical elements of the book. I found myself re-reading passages over and over again because some magical elements were mentioned so flippantly I wasn't sure if I misread. This might not bother veteran fantasy readers but I found myself confused quite a few times. I also couldn't empathize with the characters because there was no motivation for their actions.

This book has such a strong start when discussing our main character's childhood and how she got into acting but the pace died down about halfway. I had to push myself to finish it.